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Blockchain: Why It Matters for the Translation Industry


When we hear “blockchain”, we usually think of cryptocurrencies. However, this peer-to-peer platform can be applied not only in finance. Blockсhain has brought a revolution into the digital world. This type of data store records virtually everything of value without intermediaries. The database is controlled in a decentralized network which makes it impossible to hack.

In this system, customers and service providers connect directly. No additional charges or currency conversion, zero election fraud, transparent donation tracking… These aren’t just dreams anymore. Tech giants like Google or Intel support the blockchain trend. Fintech, voting, healthcare, or rentals — blockchain is gaining ground in business.

Blockchain translation, localization, and copywriting services are developing fast. East Asia is a true leader of the crypto movement, putting Chinese, Korean, and Japanese in the highest demand. A great amount of blockchain-related content is in English, which also puts it forward. Spanish, Russian, German follow as that’s where the second-to-highest demand seems to come from.

The translation and localization industry can also enter blockchain-enabled marketplaces. Each project participant adds metadata that can be seen with the customer’s public key. Customers can trace the quality and then decide which professionals they would like to cooperate with in the future. This system also accelerates the payment process making it more transparent.

Blockchain ensures protection of intellectual property by assigning title rights to their creators and permanently recording their work. More language companies add blockchain localization to their service list, and Lingvista Translation Agency is one of them — we have been handling such translations since 2017.

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