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Our company is located in Tomsk. The city is known for its technical institutes, research centers and innovative technologies in different fields. Due to such diversity we have gained translation experience in different areas and continuously enrich our database with reliable resources.

Areas of specialization where Lingvista has sound translation expertise:

• IT
• Oil&gas and mining
• Medicine
• Marketing
• Other topics

Every request regardless of its size and complexity, whether it is a simple business letter or a multipage manual, is processed by Lingvista as a project based on the following principles:

•    At least two people work at every translation job (translator and/or editor/proofreader). This approach minimizes the risk of mistakes caused by the human factor and guarantees the high quality of translation.

•    Translators and proofreaders are carefully selected for each project based on their education, background, experience, areas of specialization, and availability in the given time period. Our extensive database enables us to quickly find the right resources for each project.

•    We strive to adhere to the European standards, thus most of our translations are done by native speakers. It allows localizing the target text as close as possible to the expectations of the target audience.

Technical translation if often accompanied by such additional services as formatting, DTP or final check of uploaded materials. We work with professional DTP experts.

Besides, one of Lingvista's specialization is localization of software and web services.

Localization is a comprehensive process of product adaptation to the target audience of a certain country. The term localization” is broader in meaning than “translation”. Localization is not just translating a text into a foreign language, but also bringing all relevant notions and components to correspondence with the requirements of the target market. It also includes the localization of dates, times, numbers, currency, examples, names, word forms, i.e. adaptation of source information to the cultural specifics and national standards of a particular country.

You will find more detailed information on this service here.

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