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History’s Biggest Translation Challenge

Nowadays, we live in the world of information. You can’t avoid consuming it both online and offline. These are not just some simple ads, but also significant data that can guide us through the constantly changing daily life. Covid-19 has taken root in our routine since 2020 regardless of whether we wanted it or not, and for English-speaking people, everything has long been clear about the matter: all those ‘wash your hands’ and ‘keep social distance’ posters. However, the situation around the world is different.


About 70 percent of subscribers stopped watching Netflix in the last year — why?

Streaming platforms are on the rise now: more popular TV shows and movies mean more subscribers and… fewer professional translators. Those who are able to create high-quality subtitles and scripts for voice-over actors. People watching Netflix´s hit series Squid Game constantly complain about the poor quality of subtitles in French, Hindi, and even in English. Why does it happen to such a top project?


Translator, writer, magician…

Literary translation deals with the translation of creative and dramatic prose and poetry into other languages. Apparently, in this field, creativity and writing talents are just as important as linguistic prowess.


Cryptocurrency Translation ABC

The technical aspects of cryptocurrencies are a challenging thing. For translators working in this subject field, deep specific knowledge is an absolute must-have. But first, it’s worth considering how these notions are perceived in different countries while learning terminology along the way.


Blockchain: Why It Matters for the Translation Industry

When we hear “blockchain”, we usually think of cryptocurrencies. However, this peer-to-peer platform can be applied not only in finance. Blockсhain has brought a revolution into the digital world. This type of data store records virtually everything of value without intermediaries. The database is controlled in a decentralized network which makes it impossible to hack.


A Multitasker by Degree

Let’s take one step away from the translation industry. Learning languages opens a much broader world: translation, interpretation, and teaching are not the only possible options. Having a degree in linguistics actually means having a great deal of opportunities.


Lifelong Learning for Translators

In the era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Translation, you need to constantly keep learning to stay up to date. No matter whether you’re a freelancer or an in-house translator, continuous professional development (CPD) is the top trend in the industry.


No Pain, No Gain: Technical Translation Challenges

From IT to scientific research, companies deal with documentation that needs to be translated, especially when launching a new product. However, it’s not a purely linguistic thing – technical translators must be aware of the market and industry features.


Technical Translation: What Does It Take?

The globalized world we live in makes it clear: science and technology must be available throughout the world equally. That is where technical translation comes into play.


The Art of Translation: Desktop Publishing

Linguistic accuracy is not the only thing that matters in translation. Each document has its peculiar format and design that should be preserved. This is exactly what DTP deals with: margins, headers, text blocks, uneditable images, tables... and so much more.


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