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Ethical considerations for AI-powered translation and localization

In our previous article, we delved into the benefits and challenges of AI-powered translation. However, there are also important ethical considerations that must be taken into account to guarantee the responsible and ethical usage of these technologies.


Machine Translation: Benefits and Challenges

Today, with the help of AI and machine learning, the translation and localization industry is undergoing a rapid transformation. AI is revolutionizing the field of content translation and localization, with its impact being felt across every aspect of the industry. Thanks to advancements in natural language processing and machine learning, AI-powered tools are now capable of translating entire texts, detecting cultural nuances and idiomatic expressions, and even localizing content for specific audiences.


Five Translation Trends to Look Out For in 2023

With a new year come new achievements. It’s time to explore the unknown and improve what you already own. This also refers to the translation industry. Linguists continue to develop their skills and expand the range of their services to help people from all over the world communicate quickly and effortlessly. In this article, we go through five main translation trends in 2023.


Unlimited Cybersecurity: No Language Barriers

Each Internet user receives endless pop-up notifications and alerts every day. They may obscure the website content or simply annoy you to the point you want to close them as soon as possible. However, if a pop-up contains info in an unfamiliar foreign language, it is easy to misclick and catch a virus. Thus, linguists work hard to save our computers from malicious software.


The tandem of an interpreter and project manager: what is the use?

At translation companies, project managers can become interpreters’ indispensable lifesavers. A big part of the organizational issues falls on their shoulders, allowing linguists to focus on the translation process. After all, interpreters are humans too. They are no androids always prepared for everything, with an onboard computer instead of their head.


Why medical translation is so important?

A lot of people were abroad when the coronavirus pandemic broke out causing certain inconveniences. We are not talking about the inability to go out for breakfast or to visit a museum. The prospect of getting sick does not seem a tempting idea, not to mention the situation when you catch a virus in a foreign country without speaking the local language. In this case, not only doctors but also translators and interpreters with a medical background will be there to help you recover.


Software Localization – a Path to the Global Market

The Internet allows us to communicate with people from all over the world with the help of just a few clicks. Software development companies ride on the wave of technological progress and surely have various opportunities to enter the global market. Today, providing services in any language and for any culture is not a whim but a must. And that’s when software localization is needed.


History’s Biggest Translation Challenge

Nowadays, we live in the world of information. You can’t avoid consuming it both online and offline. These are not just some simple ads, but also significant data that can guide us through the constantly changing daily life. Covid-19 has taken root in our routine since 2020 regardless of whether we wanted it or not, and for English-speaking people, everything has long been clear about the matter: all those ‘wash your hands’ and ‘keep social distance’ posters. However, the situation around the world is different.


About 70 percent of subscribers stopped watching Netflix in the last year — why?

Streaming platforms are on the rise now: more popular TV shows and movies mean more subscribers and… fewer professional translators. Those who are able to create high-quality subtitles and scripts for voice-over actors. People watching Netflix´s hit series Squid Game constantly complain about the poor quality of subtitles in French, Hindi, and even in English. Why does it happen to such a top project?


Translator, writer, magician…

Literary translation deals with the translation of creative and dramatic prose and poetry into other languages. Apparently, in this field, creativity and writing talents are just as important as linguistic prowess.


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