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Lifelong Learning for Translators

In the era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Translation, you need to constantly keep learning to stay up to date. No matter whether you’re a freelancer or an in-house translator, continuous professional development (CPD) is the top trend in the industry.


No Pain, No Gain: Technical Translation Challenges

From IT to scientific research, companies deal with documentation that needs to be translated, especially when launching a new product. However, it’s not a purely linguistic thing – technical translators must be aware of the market and industry features.


Technical Translation: What Does It Take?

The globalized world we live in makes it clear: science and technology must be available throughout the world equally. That is where technical translation comes into play.


The Art of Translation: Desktop Publishing

Linguistic accuracy is not the only thing that matters in translation. Each document has its peculiar format and design that should be preserved. This is exactly what DTP deals with: margins, headers, text blocks, uneditable images, tables... and so much more.


Quality Assurance in Translation: What Are the Limits?

It’s extremely important to meet the public’s expectations respecting functionality, price, and… presentation. For customers, the better a product is presented, the more reliable a company is. Making a great input into the company’s image on foreign markets, translation quality must be assured.


Proofreader… a Separate Job?

Normally, accurate translations require efforts of three different people: a translator, an editor, and a proofreader. Still, can it be just one person? The answer is yes, but in this case, the quality is unlikely to be excellent.


Ups and Downs of Being an Interpreter

In each job, there are some days you feel completely satisfied with what you do, and tough times you’re fully frustrated. Interpretation is no exception.


Effective Interpreters Be Like…

Interpretation is much bigger than just being fluent in a foreign language. Everywhere from healthcare to international business, interpreters build cultural and linguistic connections transmitting ideas. To be an effective interpreter, the following five qualities are a must:


Greater Linguistic Diversity in the MT Universe

How often do people from all over the world struggle with having websites translated into their local native languages? Especially if they don’t speak English? About a year ago, Amazon announced that it would add 22 new “rare” languages into its translation service. This news reflects an overall trend: growing numbers of such languages are being involved in automatic translation.


Key Translation Industry Trends for 2021

2020 has certainly brought a series of changes to the way we live and work. These changes mark predominant translation industry trends for 2021.


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