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Bilingualism study and audio transcription


Our work at Lingvista is not limited to dealing with translations and foreign languages. As the need arises, we provide editing, DTP service, proofreading by an expert in any specified field or a native speaker of any language, audio and video transcription, subtitling, subtitles translation and many other services which do not seem obvious to be done by a translation agency. This December, we will take part in an academic bilingualism study. Our task is transcription of multiple interviews with distinctive interviewees.


Smart up your business trips to Russia


We are living in great times. Everything is changing in the world: geopolitics, politics, markets, products and services, consumers and even more... Russia is not an exception. 


The ins and outs of international cooperation


When choosing the translator’s path, we realized clearly that our future career would be connected to foreigners, companies from abroad and international communication. That’s how it goes indeed: Lingvista permanently deals with foreign customers and freelancers. It may seem that there is nothing unexpected here. Ready to deal with foreigners? So go ahead! However, the real practice always reveals some unpredictable nuances…


It’s our professional holiday, so let’s talk about us!


On International Translation Day, we traditionally tell about the most interesting projects and tasks we usually deal with. This subject is as limitless, as the variety of our professional missions. The need for translation and interpretation arises in every filed possible, from nuclear science to travel advertising. Moreover, English is not the only language people need to translate from/to. For example, do you know where is the mysterious Yupik language spoken? We do!


Fifty cities on our interpretation world map!


Interpretation is a long-standing field of expertise for Lingvista. We always look forward to the opportunities of adding new territories to our experience and expanding our service portfolio. Traditionally, we celebrate good round figures, and such an occasion turned up last week: Lingvista’s interpreters completed projects in fifty cities of Russia and beyond!


APEC in Tomsk: the true story


Summer is meant for joy and leisure, this is the time when we can finally relax and have some rest... But is it really? In June, we were too busy to even update the news feed! However, our great APEC events in Tomsk are over now, so we are ready to share this experience and tell how we managed to complete it successfully.


APEC international events in Tomsk, Russia


We look forward to the first summer month not just because of the upcoming warm weather, even though it‘s much wanted here after the cool Siberian spring. In June, two great APEC events will be held in Tomsk, supported and organized by Lingvista and Smart Business Trips companies in cooperation with Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan. We have been exploring APEC activities for two years and now the time has come for our region to be at the heart of the matter. The APEC Local Innovation Ecosystem Forum and the Financial Opportunities Fair for SMEs are outstanding events not just for our city, but also for international economic cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region in general.


Interpreting at an international Java conference in Moscow


Translation and interpretation are usually just one step apart. We started April with interpreting at the international Java conference JPOINT in Moscow. A Korean IT company representatives came to Russia to take part in an exhibition related to the event. Lingvista provided interpretation services readily, as it was the company we have been translating for since last year.


Beauty created by ourselves


In early March, there is a holiday which lets us feel the timid spring warmth and wake up from winter hibernation, even though the weather doesn’t spoil us much. Annually, Lingvista team finds new ways to celebrate March 8th, International Women’s Day. This time, we decided to try hand in oil painting, bringing bright colors to canvas and to our daily life as well!


Winter holidays in Siberia


You may easily get from Europe to Russia by taking just one flight – there is a number of those heading to our country daily. However, the destination is still rather exotic for European travelers. Tourists explore Moscow and Saint Petersburg, but only the bravest and most curious ones make it to Siberia. Among them: one Italian family and two French mesdames not afraid of the frosty February and severe winter temperature around -40ºC!


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    We would like to thank Lingvista team for their promptness and patience while solving various tasks. They have always been ready to work and expressed competence while doing it. 


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