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Beauty created by ourselves


In early March, there is a holiday which lets us feel the timid spring warmth and wake up from winter hibernation, even though the weather doesn’t spoil us much. Annually, Lingvista team finds new ways to celebrate March 8th, International Women’s Day. This time, we decided to try hand in oil painting, bringing bright colors to canvas and to our daily life as well!


Smart up your business trips to Russia


We are living in great times. Everything is changing in the world: geopolitics, politics, markets, products and services, consumers and even more... Russia is not an exception. 


Winter holidays in Siberia


You may easily get from Europe to Russia by taking just one flight – there is a number of those heading to our country daily. However, the destination is still rather exotic for European travelers. Tourists explore Moscow and Saint Petersburg, but only the bravest and most curious ones make it to Siberia. Among them: one Italian family and two French mesdames not afraid of the frosty February and severe winter temperature around -40ºC!


APEC projects in Russia and Chinese Taipei


The year of 2019 has started and overcome its first weeks. A right way to make the year efficient is to set goals to achieve beforehand. This is the main part of planning, and then one just needs to follow the plan systematically. We are looking forward to great events in 2019. Lingvista and Smart Business Trips invited attention of APEC to Siberia, so this year our region (maybe our hometown Tomsk precisely) will host an international APEC event.


Pre-festive week and some leisure time together


End of December: both the city and the office of ours sparkle with festive lights, decorated Christmas trees are everywhere, and even the harsh Siberian frosts don’t stop us from shopping for New Year gifts. Nevertheless, it’s also time for the most active work with no chance for us to laze. But it’s really important to take mind off things at the right time – especially if there’s something to celebrate with a good mood and great company. What’s more to wait for?


Happily ever after: Long-term cooperation brings surprises


Do you value contacts with your long-term clients? Judging from our experience, long-time cooperation may turn out surprising and rise to a new level. This autumn, one of Lingvista´s customers proved that such course of events is truly possible when it comes to business. It´s important not to lose the right moment to bring cooperation to a new stage.


Rhythmic gymnastics and creative translation


We have explored many interesting subjects while working with translations and studying facts from various areas. For example, we recently dealt with professional Olympic sport within one of our projects. Translation of interviews and records taken during rhythmical gymnastics trainings turned out to be a creative and tricky challenge - just as this impressive sport itself.


Translating from Georgian and into Portuguese


For the time of Lingvista’s work, we have already taken part in all the unusual projects and translated from/to all the exotic languages ever possible, it seems. However, our clients keep on surprising us with new interesting requests. Thus, last week we worked with Georgian and Portuguese languages, notarized these translations and got a preliminary request for Mongolian-Russian interpretation.


Business & social responsibility: anything in common? Our APEC experience


APEC is a forum for 21 Pacific Rim member economies, including the Russian one. The forum practically builds up a conversation of governance, science and business to ensure economic prosperity and make people’s life better. Our companies Lingvista and Smart Business Trips are also among active participants.


Dear colleagues, the day has come!


Every single day is a holiday, literally. Hugging Day, Courtesy Day, Dance or Folksong Day… Meanwhile, what’s celebrated on September, 30? There are people all over the world who would answer the question without any doubts. They are translators!


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