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Lingvista turns 10!


2020 turned out to be unexpected in so many ways, but there still are a few things that remain unchangeable. Lingvista's birthday belongs to them: in August, we celebrated our big anniversary – 10 years! Lingvista team had to postpone festive celebrations till the better post-pandemic times, but nothing can stop us from looking back to what we achieved and planning what to strive for in the future.


Documentaries, time codes & script


Subtitle translation often seems to be one of the most fascinating tasks a translator can try hand at. It's much more interesting and nice to watch a movie rather than trudge through a complicated technical tutorial, right? However, subtitle translation is a challenging type of work which demands special skills and experience. Particularly, when it comes to translation of documentaries, since instead of plain dialogs common for TV series, they include various scientific facts that need to be proven and understood before being transferred to the target language correctly.


Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Translators


Today, nobody would be surprised by hearing "OK Google" and watching people talk to their mobile assistants. Did it seem possible a decade ago? Artificial Intelligence technologies became part of our daily life just recently. They are mostly aimed for communication with users, while language is the main communication tool. So, now linguists all over the world master a new language pair: from AI to Human. Lingvista does not stand aside from the modern trend: we help AI recognize characters and translate correctly; edit and proofread machine translations as requested by foreign companies.


We're back to the office!


Dear clients, this first day of summer has brought us good news: we are happy to announce that Lingvista is back to the office starting from June 1st! If you're in Tomsk, you can reach us at 7 Karla Marksa street, office 311.


Remote work chronicles


Lingvista has always been working with freelancers residing worldwide. Actually, we live 4 hours away from Moscow, our capital, not to mention the time difference with the USA. However, Internet makes us able to overcome distances, and this has never been a hindrance to efficient cooperation. The year of 2020 changed people's lifestyle globally, and so we learned that remote working is useful not only for those living continents away, but also for Lingvista team members working from home in a single Siberian city.


Strange times: April 2020


There are too many different opinions on the current situation in the world, but we just have to admit one thing: we are living through peculiar times. This has lasted long enough for people to get used to the new daily routine. Since it takes 21 days to form a habit, now it's the best time to analyze changes in our lives and accept this new reality of 2020.


Please note: we work remotely


Dear Customers, what's in fashion this season? You guessed it right, it's remote working. Lingvista follows global rules too, for the sake of health and safety. Besides, we always deal with clients and freelancers from all over the world, so our team is used to remote working.


Smart up your business trips to Russia


We are living in great times. Everything is changing in the world: geopolitics, politics, markets, products and services, consumers and even more... Russia is not an exception. 


Spring, translation, rock’n’roll


The spring has just begun, but news feeds and newspapers are already carrying screaming headlines on alarming events from everywhere. Where to hide from that information flow and how to get distracted from the global anxiety? Judging from our experience, it is not that hard to do. March offers various possibilities, such as: to plunge into work, participate in fascinating projects and celebrate the International Women’s Day, of course! That’s what ladies from Lingvista team have accomplished so far.


January 2020: a great start of the year


January can often tell you what kind of year you are going to have. There is literally no time to be bored: after the holidays had been over, we dealt with various projects and tasks. Now, Lingvista team is back to work; we’ve got much done by the beginning of February. That is what we are going to tell about.


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