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Video Remote Interpretation

Here are some short descriptions of the VRI projects we have completed by now:

• Subject: journalism, media sources in the 2020 pandemic. Remote simultaneous interpretation at an online conference for journalists; via Zoom. Language pair: English – Russian, three pairs of simultaneous interpreters.

• Subject: agriculture, fertilizers, chemistry, and catalysts. Remote simultaneous interpretation at an online seminar, a networking event for colleagues from Germany and Russia; a specialized web platform for VRI. Language pair: English – Russian.

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• Subject: agriculture, export, law, terms and conditions of the international cooperation. Remote consecutive interpretation at negotiations between French and Russian partners on a regular basis; via MS Teams. Language pair: English – Russian.

• Subject: business and economy, company and products presentations, discussions about the future cooperation. Remote simultaneous interpretation at online B2B meetings among entrepreneurs from  Russia, Czech Republic, and Finland; via Zoom. Language pairs: Russian – Czech, Russian – Finnish, Russian – English.

• Subject: healthcare and medicine, nutrition for diabetic patients. Remote simultaneous interpretation at an international online conference; via Zoom. Language pair: English – Russian.