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Here are some short descriptions of our localization projects we have completed by now:

•    Localization of the e-learning course for an international company producing medical equipment. Language pair: Russian – English.

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•    Localization of the mobile game for a company specializing in mobile games development. Language pair: Russian – English.

•    Long-term website localization project for one of the leading companies producing microcontrollers and sensor devices. We translate technical descriptions and promotional content, additionally providing QC after texts are uploaded to the website. Language pair: English – Russian.

•    Long-term project in software and web services localization for one of the global leaders in web technologies. Lingvista has a team of reviewers working in this project who provide quality control of texts localized into Russian. Language pair: English – Russian.

•    Localization of software for golf clubs: localization of user interface and system messages, translation of reference and marketing materials. Language pair: English (partially German) – Russian.

     Reed a feedback

•    Localization of the web site of a company specializing in the development and supply of medical equipment. Language pair: Russian – English.


Customer Reviews

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    Our colleagues within a single day offered us two demo records of the professional Turkish speakers. The final audio file was delivered exactly at the specified time. Lingvista also provided us translator’s assistance for video-editing process.

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