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Here are some examples of our interpretation projects:

•    Subject: agriculture, inspection, international certification rules, training. Interpretation during a Turkish expert’s visit to Tomsk: production process inspection and trainings for local employees of the agricultural industry. Language pair: Turkish – Russian.

•    Subject: sanitary engineering, sanitary taps, commerce, business
Long-term interpretation project for Italian company representatives in their business trips to Russia and CIS countries. Language pair: English – Russian.

•    Subject: oil&gas, oil wells drilling
Consecutive interpretation at meetings and negotiations between a foreign company representative and heads of big oil companies. An oil and drilling glossary was made up specially for this project. Language pair: English – Russian.

•    Subject: water treatment facilities, plumbing systems, labor safety
Consecutive interpretation during a visit of experts from France and the Czech Republic to water treatment facilities in Tomsk to assess their technical condition. Language pair: English – Russian.

•    Subject: electrical technology, amplidyne generators
Consecutive interpretation at a plant during electronic instrument assembly; interpretation of trainings for plant staff. Language pair: English – Russian.

•    Subject: sport, rafting, whitewater rafting
Consecutive interpretation and support provided for foreign sportsmen at an international rafting forum “White Water of Siberia – 2016” in Tomsk and Altay. Lingvista participated in the project as a volunteer. Language pair: English – Russian.

•    Subject: business, trade and commerce, logistics
Interpretation during phone negotiations about goods delivery from China and financial questions settlement. Language pair: Chinese – Russian.

•    Subject: welding equipment, staff training
Consecutive interpretation during a three-day staff training course at a factory in the city of Tyumen. Language pair: English – Russian.

•    Subject: accumulator storage batteries
Consecutive interpretation at a factory in the city of Salavat (the Republic of Bashkortostan): support for a group of Chinese experts, factory staff training on new equipment. Language pair: English – Russian.

•    Subject: brewage, manufacture of beer, equipment, technologies, commerce
Consecutive interpretation at a beer factory in Tomsk, support for German experts, technical condition assessment. Language pair: German – Russian.

•    Subject:  innovations, finance
Whisper interpretation of a presentation on innovation development of the Tomsk region. Audience – representatives of the headquarters of an international bank.

•    Subject: pricing, logistics
Simultaneous interpretation of a presentation on pricing and logistics.

•    Subject: use of different circuit breakers and surge arrestors, types of insulation, etc.
Simultaneous interpretation of presentations at the international symposium "Discharge and Insulation in Vacuum".

•    Subject: engineering and building of infrastructure facilities, large transportation hubs, design of building appearance, massing, municipal improvement, etc.
Consecutive interpretation in a consulting project for investment attraction.

•    Subject: telecommunications, innovations
Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation at the official opening ceremony of the first Russian plant manufacturing 4G LTE cellular base stations. Our experts provided simultaneous interpretation of a video call between Tomsk and Moscow using the LTE equipment made in Russia.

•    Subject: petrochemical production, energy (financials, channels, purchase of power, gas, compressed gas and steam), occupational safety, maintenance and repair, finance, polyethylene and ethylene production, production processes (ethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene), human resources, logistics, transportation, etc.
Consecutive, whisper, and simultaneous interpretation in a large project in the petrochemical industry. Linguistic support of international project teams.

•    Subject: quality management systems, general business, medicine
Consecutive interpretation during the audit of Tomsk companies by TÜV representatives from Hungary and Poland as part of the CE marking certification project. The companies were audited for compliance with ISO 13485 (Comprehensive management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices), MEDDEV Directive, etc.

•    Subject: quality management systems, general business, medicine
Consecutive interpretation at the 15th Annual Scientific Conference "Quality – Strategy of the XXI Century."

•    Subject: medicine (urology)
Consecutive interpretation at the international urology conference. Our interpreter performed consecutive interpretation of two reports (on urinary tract infections and prostatitis) made by professor Kurt Naber, President of the International Society of Antimicrobial and Antitumor Chemotherapy.

•    Subject: general business
Consecutive interpretation during a business meeting of one of Tomsk companies with a guest from Sweden – representative of a Swedish oil company Tomsk Refining AB.

•    Subject: nanotechnology, water filters
Consecutive interpretation at a business meeting of one of our clients with partners from Slovenia.

•    Subject: equipment for broiler production (poultry slaughter, meat processing.)
Consecutive interpretation at Tomsk poultry factory.

•    Subject: medicine (urology and cardiology), nanotechnology
Consecutive interpretation at a business meeting of one of our clients with partners from Israel.

•    Subject: social entrepreneurship, non-profit organization, charity
Consecutive interpretation of the interview with candidates for the grant established by the non-profit organization Reach for Change (Sweden). During the interview social entrepreneurs were presenting their projects aimed at helping children.

•    Subject: innovative development, transport infrastructure planning, financial analysis, strategic analysis
Consecutive interpretation of the general planning report on development of innovation zone infrastructure and foreign investment attraction.

•    Subject: innovative development, financial planning, investment attraction
Consecutive interpretation of business negotiations between representatives of the innovation cluster and foreign consultants.


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