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Audiovisual Translation

Lingvista offers one more type of service – translation and editing of texts for audiovisual products (films, series, TV shows, ad videos, interviews etc.), multimedia translation.

Today, Lingvista works with several large record companies. For some of them we do multimedia translation only, for others – editing and proofreading of the translated script. We work mostly with texts for documentary and historic movies, feature films, as well as for youth serials, sitcoms and ad videos.

When controlling the quality of translation, our editors check the following:
•    Stylistics – the adequacy of stylistic devices translation taking into consideration the peculiarities of the Russian language.
•    Factual data (stress, spelling of proper names, numbers, etc.).
•    Localization of date and time formats, numbers, currency, examples and names, use of word forms, etc., i.e. adaptation of information to cultural specifics and national standards.
•    Formatting – following the rules included in the Customer’s Style Guide.
•    Grammar – correctness of spelling, punctuation and syntax according to the norms of the Russian language.
•    Euphony and appeal of the text, which is mostly relevant for ad videos.

In such multimedia projects, our translators and editors work with materials of the following types:
•    Video
•    Script
•    Subtitles

The role of the editor is not limited to the linguistic component only. The editor also has to make sure the script corresponds in time to the video sequence. By reading the text out loud, the editor checks that the time spent for reading doesn’t exceed the length of the video sequence.

After the translation quality is checked, the final text is forwarded for further dubbing.

Based on our sound experience and willingness to master new fields, Lingvista is ready to provide all necessary conditions to offer the full range of audiovisual localization services, including:
•    Script capture
•    Script TEP (translation, editing and proofreading)
•    Voicing

You can find brief descriptions of our audiovisual projects here.

If you need a reliable partner in Russia, feel free to contact us. We are ready to expand our expertise.

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