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Video Remote Interpretation

Supporting your business, wherever you are

Service Price

B2B Meetings Organization


Consecutive interpretation 

From EUR 50 per hour, 1 interpreter  

Simultaneous interpretation

From EUR 150 per hour, 2 interpreters (1 booth) 


Online Event Organization 

Online Event

From EUR 35 per hour, 1 linguist

The minimum order for B2B meetings is 2 hours
The minimum order for online events is 8 hours

Granting access to our Zoom platform, creation of a conference, and all the beforehand preparations, e.g. sending emails to participants and moderating during the whole event


on a Client’s Platform

From EUR 40 per hour,  2 linguists

The minimum order is 2 hours

Technical moderating and coordination of interpreters’ work. The event is created and prepared on the client’s side. Moderator works during the whole event


Remote interpretation

From EUR 50 per hour for Consecutive Interpretation
From EUR 150 per hour
for Simultaneous Interpretation

The minimum order is 2 hours

Interpretation only supposes that organization and moderation are provided from the client’s side


In case this is the first time you organize an online event, we strongly recommend Complex Organization or at least Moderation done by Lingvista. This way, you will not waste your time solving technical issues. Leave it to us and have a great time at your conference!



Additional services (upon request)


  • Separate online conference rooms for group work
  • Audio and video recording
  • Live broadcasting
  • Polls for participants, providing reports and statistics after the event
  • Working on another virtual conference platform


The final cost depends on language pair, subject area, type of interpretation (consecutive or simultaneous), event duration, and the platform chosen.

Cost reduction options are available for events lasting longer than 24 hours in total
(in case the break between conference days is less than 2 days).


On-site Interpretation

Lingvista provides full-range linguistic support within interpretation projects.

Service Price



From EUR 50 per hour,
1 interpreter.

Minimum order:
Big Russian/CIS cities — 4 hours
Other Russian/CIS cities — 2 hours
Other cities — upon request



From EUR 150 per hour,
2 interpreters (booth)

Minimum order:
Big Russian/CIS cities — 4 hours
Other Russian/CIS cities — 2 hours
Other cities — upon request


Supply of equipment for simultaneous
interpretation in Russia and abroad

Upon request


The service includes:

  • Selecting  interpreters with background and experience in relevant topics
  • Testing the preliminarily selected interpreters
  • Communication with interpreters and coordination of their work in the project
  • Replacement of interpreters, if necessary
  • Arrangement of travel and accommodation for interpreters, if needed (paid additionally)
  • Supply of equipment for simultaneous interpretation (paid additionally)


The final price depends on the area of specialization, interpreter’s background, and place of the event. There are options for cost reduction.


Service Price


The service includes:

  • Work of highly qualified translators with relevant experience
  • The Four eyes principle. A pair of linguists works on every task: e.g., translator and reviewer/proofreader. It ensures high quality of translation and a short turnaround time
  • TM and Glossary: we ensure every translation is full and consistent

From EUR 0.07 per source word

Editing only 

The service includes reviewing/proofreading the third-party translated text


From EUR 0.03 per source word

The price depends on the translation quality


 DTP services  

From EUR 8 per printed page

The price depends on the source format and the target request


The final price depends on the translation field, complexity, and deadline. There are options for cost reduction.

Personal Documents Translation and Notarization


Place your translation order online or in our office!

1. Send us an e-mail or fill in the feedback form.

2. We will analyze your documents and get back to you with the quotation via e-mail.
3. Make a prepayment and have the translation done by the agreed deadline.
4. Receive scanned copies of notarized translations by e-mail.

You can always get hard copies at our office. Besides, we can deliver documents to you, wherever you are: throughout Russia and beyond!


Service Price

Passport translation

Any passports including information in English 

EUR 5 per document 

Short personal documents translation

  • Birth/Death/Marriage/Divorce certificate
  • Diploma (clean. See the diploma supplement translation price below)
  • Driving License
  • Graduation Certificate (clean. See the full price below)
  • Certificate of Employment / Enrollment Certificate / Bank Reference (150 words and less)
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Apostille
  • Stamp (up to 2) 


EUR 5 per document



Other personal documents translation

  • Graduation Certificate with Supplement
  • Taxpayer Certificate / Individual Entrepreneur Registration Certificate
  • Real Estate Title
  • Letter of Consent for Travel of a Minor Child
  • Standard Power of Attorney
  • Certificate of Employment / Enrollment Certificate / Bank Reference (150+ words)


EUR 10–20 per document


Other documents

  • Diploma Supplement
  • Non-standard Letters of Attorney
  • Various Notary Documents
  • Other


From EUR 0.07 per source word 

The minimum order is EUR 10


Notarization of translation

We offer a cost reduction of 5% in case 5+ documents require notarization

From EUR 15 per document

(including the cost of the notary services)


Translation certification by Lingvista Translation Agency (stamp and General Director signature)




Other language support
  • Filling in online applications/questionnaires
  • Internet and Information research
  • Other

EUR 10 per hour



Prices for other languages are available upon request.


Multimedia Translation and Localization

Service Price

Translation and QC of media scripts

SRT, ASS, and other subtitle formats


From EUR 3.5 per source minute



Translation and QC of media scripts

DOC, PDF, XLS, and other common formats



The price corresponds to our standard translation prices


Translation and Subtitle Creation

Includes translation, QC, subtitle creation, and timecoding upon request


Russian < > English language pair
From EUR 5per source minute

Other languages
Upon request



Reverting audio/video into plain text in TXT, DOC, etc.


Audio/Video in Russian
From EUR 2 per source minute

Audio/Video in English (native Russian speaker)
From EUR 3per source minute

Other languages (native speaker of any source language)
Upon request



The service includes:

  • Voiceover artist selection in accordance with your requirements
  • Voiceover
  • QC and converting to the required format


We provide voice samples upon request


Native Russian speakers
From EUR 15 per audio/video minute

Native English speakers
From EUR 30 per audio/video minute

Other languages
Upon request

The final price depends on a target language, order urgency, and text complexity


Graphics and Text Editing

Replacement and editing of graphic video content


From EUR 25 per working hour

The final price depends on the complexity of the task and the total workload


Audio Post-Production

Cutting, adjustment, additional alignments, etc.


From EUR 25 per working hour

The final price depends on the complexity of the task and the total workload


Subtitles Editing

Adding subtitles to a video, synchronization, lip-sync, etc.


Upon request


Additional Services

Service Price

DTP, Layout, and Formatting


From EUR 8 per printed page

The price depends on the source format and the result required


Copywriting and Re-creation of your texts in a foreign language to comply with your marketing demands

We work with native speakers to make your text sound natural to your customers


From EUR 30 per hour

The final price depends on the language, text topic, and linguist expertise


Language training of your staff for specific needs

We are experienced in training young promising specialists, so your team will meet all your requirements


From EUR 50 per 45 minutes


Building a team for your particular project

We will select the best linguists meeting all your needs


Upon request


Potential partners search and B2B meetings organization

We will find potential partners for your business based on your requirements, and arrange meetings with decision-makers


Upon request


These prices are approximate.

To get the personal offer, place your order online or contact us to discuss details.

Cost-reduction options are available.

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