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One of the key priorities of Lingvista is the quality of our services. To follow this principle, we comply with the European translation quality standard EN 15038. The standard specifies a list of certain requirements to translation agencies. Some of them are:

Assigning jobs only to qualified specialists, who have linguistic and/or professional education and translation experience in the relevant field.
The “four-eyes” approach, when at least two different specialists work on each translation (translator + editor and/or proofreader). This helps minimize the risk of human errors and ensure the high quality of translation.
Working with native speakers. Most of our translations are done by native speakers. It enables not only to translate the text according to the norms and rules of the target language, but also to adapt the translation to the cultural specifics of the target audience.
Proofreading by a subject-matter expert. While translating technical texts we offer proofreading done by subject-matter experts specializing in the relevant field (engineers, developers, etc.). They check the final text for terminology and meaning errors.
Observance of confidentiality.
Using CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools — special translation software which helps ensure consistency throughout translation due to Translation Memory (database containing previously translated texts) and boost productivity during project implementation.
Project management. Every project is registered with a unique number; the request is analyzed taking into account the customer’s requirements and deadline. Then the project manager selects linguists based on project specifics, a glossary is made if needed, and the text is sent for translation. Typically, the project manager also controls intermediate deadlines. The translated text is then forwarded to the editor/proofreader and to the DTP expert, if needed. At the end, the project is sent to final checking and delivered to the customer in the previously agreed format.

All of these measures, among other, help us ensure the high quality of services as well as strict adherence to deadlines.

Customer Reviews

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    Our colleagues within a single day offered us two demo records of the professional Turkish speakers. The final audio file was delivered exactly at the specified time. Lingvista also provided us translator’s assistance for video-editing process.

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