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Effective Interpreters Be Like…


Interpretation is much bigger than just being fluent in a foreign language. Everywhere from healthcare to international business, interpreters build cultural and linguistic connections transmitting ideas. To be an effective interpreter, the following five qualities are a must:

1. Advanced Language Skills

When interpreters are busy working, they don’t have much time to consult a dictionary. Therefore, extensive vocabulary, excellent written and verbal communication skills must be a strong foundation. A good interpreter should be able to speak like native speakers do, and even better.

2. Special Knowledge

When interpreting at a hospital, multilingualism is simply not enough. It means interpreters need to acquire deep knowledge in a specific field – healthcare, legal, finance, etc.

3. Certification

Having credentials to do the job means more than just a better grasp of language. It also shows a person is well-aware of codes of ethics for interpreters. Consequently, they are less likely to make a mistake that could cause serious problems.

4. Soft skills

First, interpreters must be empathetic listeners making both speakers and listeners feel as relaxed as possible. Second, they need to be able to get along with different people.

5. Cultural Understanding

Aside from speaking a foreign language perfectly well, interpreters should be aware of peculiarities of the culture they deal with. Being familiar with specific norms will help to convey the message in the best way possible.

A true interpreter is not just a “Google voice Assistant” on two legs. They are reliable partners helping your business grow and thrive.

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