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Five Translation Trends to Look Out For in 2023


With a new year come new achievements. It’s time to explore the unknown and improve what you already own. This also refers to the translation industry. Linguists continue to develop their skills and expand the range of their services to help people from all over the world communicate quickly and effortlessly. In this article, we go through five main translation trends in 2023.

The first place goes to localization. Many brands are eager to enter the global market. To do that, they need to introduce their product in the local language the target audience will understand. Not only linguistic features alone but also relevant cultural and emotional aspects affect potential clients’ attention and understanding. Those products that are carefully tailored for the target market will surely deserve the interest of the foreign audience.

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SEO strategies play a significant role in promoting companies and products to a foreign market. Website translation is just the first step in this complex process since it’s important to make sure that it is properly indexed in a foreign language and therefore increases your search rankings.

E-learning platforms have gained popularity during the pandemic and are still favored. Such growing demand for study drives the need for the translation of such courses worldwide. Besides, these platforms help translators to refresh their old and gain new skills.

Machine translation post-editing keeps its solid position in the translation industry. Machine translation technologies help reduce turnaround time and expenses, while a human editor fixes all the possible discrepancies and mistakes afterward.

After the lifting of restrictions on mass events, the demand for interpretation services is consistently high – business trips, international conferences, and business negotiations will hardly ever go smoothly without interpretation.

To cover various communication needs, the translation industry is constantly evolving. We hope this new year brings new bright projects to our colleagues and ourselves. For our clients, we are always here to help with any translation, interpretation, and localization needs!

For more details on the newest translation trends, please check out the source article here.

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