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Software Localization – a Path to the Global Market


The Internet allows us to communicate with people from all over the world with the help of just a few clicks. Software development companies ride on the wave of technological progress and surely have various opportunities to enter the global market. Today, providing services in any language and for any culture is not a whim but a must. And that’s when software localization is needed.

What is it? Localization is the thorough preparation of a software product for users from different cultures. The main point is that it helps to raise sails. Potential clients can be easily found outside your country, but users prefer to buy products presented in their native language. Thus, having your software localized will help it gain popularity abroad: enter new markets, win new customers, and improve the user experience for the existing ones.

Localization is performed by a big team of specialists: project managers, translators, editors/proofreaders, linguistic quality testers, developers, and DevOps. It goes through several steps:

  • Internationalization – solving engineering, design, and copywriting issues to smoothen the process of localization.
  • High-quality translation of the text content.
  • UI design – an adaptation of the interface (for example, new time and date format, systems of measures, currencies, and phone codes).
  • Culture adaptation – a careful examination of target culture specifics and restrictions.
  • Final testing – making sure everything works and looks fine, free from any typos, mistranslations, and bugs.

Clearly, software localization is time-consuming, but vital work. Translators and proofreaders, who help make software products available in other countries, are as important in this process, as software developers themselves. That’s why we recommend taking it seriously and contacting a reliable translation company for any localization inquiries you might have.

More information on the topic is available here.

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