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41 cities marked on our project map!


The last month of winter: days grow longer, evenings become brighter and the sense of the upcoming spring is already in the air. February brought good changes to us too. There are more than 40 cities of Russia and CIS countries in our interpretation portfolio now!

Providing comprehensive linguistic support during our partners’ business trips to Russia and neighbouring countries is one of Lingvista’s key specializations. Working like this for several years, we have obtained useful experience of selecting local interpreters and remote collaboration with them. The description of how it’s done can be found here. The capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, has become the 41st city we’ve carried out interpretation projects in. Apart from Russia and Kazakhstan, we organized linguistic support also in Armenia and Belarus. Lingvista has its trusted interpreters nearly everywhere ;)

We understand the importance of business meetings, so our interpreters do their best to convey the meaning of negotiations fully and accurately. That’s the right way for international partners to understand each other. Schedules of the business trips are often quite busy: we start getting ready for a new trip to the Russian cities Moscow and Pyatigorsk while still carrying out a project in Kazakhstan. Lingvista can also organize taxi service to make your trips more comfortable and speedy.

We are always glad to provide comprehensive linguistic support for you and your foreign partners. Your collaboration can be efficient despite the language barrier, just rely on us.

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    Working with such professionals as Lingvista's team is a valuable experience and a sheer pleasure.


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