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Fifty cities on our interpretation world map!


Interpretation is a long-standing field of expertise for Lingvista. We always look forward to the opportunities of adding new territories to our experience and expanding our service portfolio. Traditionally, we celebrate good round figures, and such an occasion turned up last week: Lingvista’s interpreters completed projects in fifty cities of Russia and beyond!

In any incomprehensible situation, keep calm and contact us for interpretation services! We learned it in 2011, the year when we successfully fulfilled our first interpretation project outside of our hometown Tomsk. It truly was a priceless experience, and now we can easily remember the first Russian cities we worked in: Dzerzhinsk, Voronezh and Krasnodar. From that moment on, off we went!

We selected interpreters in southern regions of Russia, in the Far East, in the severe Republic of Yakutia, not to mention multiple projects in the Western Siberia (where our company is based) and the Russia’s central region. We dealt with such various events as official international meetings before the World Cup in 2018, simultaneous interpretation in the Taurida Palace in Saint Petersburg, pre-commissioning activities at factories, interpretation at an oil field in the middle of Siberian taiga etc.

Active foreign partners help us to extend the geographic reach. After entering the Russian market, they move further to other foreign markets – CIS countries included, and keep Lingvista by their side, providing them with interpretation services again. This is how we got to work in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Turkey; and now we’re heading towards new achievements – hundred cities don’t seem to be unreachable anymore ;)