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Contract with NIKOR Research and Development Company


Lingvista Translation Agency has a new contract with NIKOR Research and Development Company for translation and interpretation services.

Our new customer specializes in the development, production and supply of medical equipment and security systems. NIKOR provides the whole product lifecycle – from concept to development, deployment, serial production and maintenance, and has a few areas of specialization:

  • Hardware-software security systems
  • Electrosurgery devices
  • Power supply systems (UPSs, safety controls)
  • Development of custom radio electronics projects

We have successfully completed the first order - translation of information on promising projects of our customer. We have translated from Russian into English the description of High-frequency electric coagulation scalpel ESHF-400 sc-NIKOR and Electric surgical stand-alone coagulation scalpel ESHF-80-NIKOR.

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