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FIFA - on-site report


FIFA Futbol Mundial in Tomsk

As you might remember, IMG media representatives Guy Pakeman and Ricardo Sanchez came to Tomsk on July 28, 2010 to make a 26-minute film about football in Siberia. The film will be broadcast in the famous TV magazine FIFA Futbol Mundial.

Our guests have already filmed the life of Tom football club. Assisted by a Lingvista provided interpreter, the guests have run interviews with our team’s coach Valeriy Nepomnyashchiy, Kim Nam Il and Sergey Kornilenko as well as filmed a story on the life of our goalkeeper Sergey Pareyko.

Accompanied by our interpreter, Guy and Ricardo have already visited Novosibirsk to make a film about Sibir football club.

The next step is the filming of the game between the two Siberian teams – Tom and Sibir. 

The final report on the guests’ visit to Tomsk will follow.

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