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Interpretation in English, Italian and French. And more…


We continue assisting our partners in successful and effective negotiations with their foreign colleagues. Last week was very fruitful in this respect – we provided interpretation services in 3 different projects in our native city of Tomsk.

Spring is the time not only for nature to awake, but also for businesses to enhance their activity. Many companies work to establish new contacts and start new projects. Last week, 3 business meetings with foreign representatives took place in Tomsk. The subject of each one was quite different – equipment adjustment, business discussions and even production setup in Tomsk.

The negotiations were held in different languages - English, Italian and French, and in every case complicated technical equipment was discussed including heating, compressive and gas type. According to the feedback we got from our clients, the interpreters successfully did their job, and we sincerely hope that the meetings were effective.

We are always eager to contribute to our partners’ development. We have a large pool of experienced interpreters, working in different language pairs and in various cities of Russia. So, whatever the goal of your negotiations is – effective communication with foreign partners will take place!

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