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Interpreting and organising business trips all over Russia


It is a well-known fact that effective and continuous communication is the foundation of business development. From time to time, to stay in touch with foreign partners, one must hold meetings and negotiations in person.  For instance, numerous foreign companies are increasingly building connections on the Russian market.

As a rule, organising any trip takes a significant amount of resources because of the large number of tasks at hand. They range from organising logistics to providing a well-versed interpreter who will work hand in hand with you to reach your goals. Organisation is a complicated process, especially if you are located in a different city or country. Moreover, it also demands additional time commitments for your employees.

Lingvista is interested in making your business activities more effective and convenient. We are ready to take on all organisational problems for any business trip! Having worked with multiple Russian and foreign partners for 4 years in more than 15 cities, we have accumulated sound experience and are ready to use the best of it to your benefit. The Lingvista team specializes in selecting professional interpreters for various events such as business and commercial negotiations, investment meetings, trade exhibitions, conferences, seminars, and workshops. We also provide support for equipment commissioning and for the introduction of various production systems in large industrial companies in any Russian city. In addition, we provide organisational support for your business trips, including transfers to and from Russia, travels within and between cities, accommodation, and everything else you need for a comfortable stay in Russia. Plus, we provide all necessary documentation.

Our primary principle is flexibility in cooperation. By taking into consideration all the peculiarities and requirements of your company, project, and specialists, we offer the most convenient and suitable options. Lingvista is interested in your prosperity. Your success is our success.

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    Working with such professionals as Lingvista's team is a valuable experience and a sheer pleasure.


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