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Lingvista in the Federal Migration Service


Sometimes people decide to change the place of residence, and some of them prefer not just to change apartment, but to move to another country.

There are numerous reasons why people leave their native countries. Someone goes for studying, someone goes for work, and someone wants just to get away from it all. We often hear that people leave Russia. However, our country also becomes “a new home” for foreigners.

Some time ago, our company worked with an Australian citizen, who lives in France and wants to get Russian citizenship and residence permit in Tomsk. Due to his profession our client has to travel very often, and for 30 years he has already visited 133 countries. Now there are almost no empty pages in his international passport that he got only a year ago!

Lingvista provided the client with a highly-skilled interpreter, who accompanied him to the Federal Migration Service office and helped to fill the documents. The client was totally happy with the interpreter’s service and was very thankful to our company for operational efficiency, while the satisfaction of our clients is our priority.

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