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Lingvista translates ad videos


The rampant development of mass media dramatically increases the role of translation in our life, and here Lingvista can’t afford to stand back. It’s difficult to overestimate the role of advertisement in the present-day world where it is used as a powerful marketing instrument for making contact with customers. Modern mass media forced the proliferation of international promotional campaigns that resulted in turning ad translation into an everyday activity.

As a rule, ad texts represent the highest difficulty for translators. In this case, their work doesn’t stop on the translation of the text itself, but requires thorough adaptation for realities of this or that country.

Enough with theory – let’s move to practice. Multidimensionality of ad texts complicates translation, but… Nothing is impossible for our experts! Recently, Lingvista has received an order for translation of ad video text and captions. Such kind of task does not imply translation only – it’s a real creative process, and our team was perfect at completing this task.

We are proud of our specialists! They used all their efforts and creative potential for adequate and equivalent translation showing again their competence and professional approach. We look forward to new orders of this kind!

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