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On-site Training in Russia’s Leading Translation Companies

On-site Training in Leading Translation Companies

Last week, our colleagues Maria Solonina (General Director) and Olga Kadochnikova (Business Development Manager) made a business trip to Moscow. The purpose of the travel was an on-site training in major translation companies. As a result, Lingvista met two of the leading Russian market players – AKM-West and TransLink.

Such an opportunity was provided by Tomsk Development Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises as part of the special training program for Russian companies.

In AKM-West, our colleagues talked to one of the directors, Andrey Pokas, and learned how the company started and the way it has grown to its current level. Besides, a number of certain projects were discussed, after which both companies concluded that we have all chances to become good partners.

The trip also included a meeting with Alexey Gerin, General Director of TransLink. Alexey, Maria and Olga discussed the current state of things in the companies and their development, some industry tools and the details of work in translation and interpretation projects.

To sum up, we can say that we have not only got the insight of how leading Russian translation companies work, but also realized the perspective for future cooperation. Communication was utterly pleasant and effective.  We want to thank Tomsk Development Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises for such a great opportunity; and we hope that we will multiply this experience!



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