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Summer is the best time to travel


Summer is the best time to set out on your next travel. Our beloved city is becoming an ever more popular destination for foreign guests exploring the Trans-Siberian Railway and adjacent cities with zest.

To feel the special atmosphere of Tomsk to its full extent one must take a deep plunge into its history, and when doing so one can’t do without a person who will both tell the city’s story and describe its peculiarities.

Our agency has been a guide services provider for a number of tourist companies for quite a long time. Thus, in the last month we have been requested to conduct various excursions for groups of foreign tourists willing to get acquainted with the city. This time we received visitors from Australia and the USA. After sightseeing in the city they were conquered by the beauty of Tomsk churches, structures from the previous century, and the celebrated wooden architecture.

Tomsk is always open to new encounters and Lingvista will certainly help you feel its special flavor and get to know our cozy city from within.

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