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African exotica found in Siberia


The name “Ivory Coast” sounds really mysterious and intriguing to a Russian ear. What country is it, actually? It is located far away in the hot West Africa. Its name “Côte d'Ivoire” isn’t really translated into Russian, we just transliterate it into Cyrillic; unlike private papers issued in this country, which are definitely meant to be translated.

Living and working in Tomsk, we often meet foreign students who study here in Russia. Some of them speak Russian fluently; some of them have just started learning it, just like one of our recent clients. She came to Siberia straight from Ivory Coast – such a significant change! We managed to find a common language (French) eventually and helped her not just in getting the translation and notarization ready, but also in finding the right path in the labyrinth of Tomsk streets, since she didn’t know the city very well.

As of today, we have been dealing with papers issued in such far exotic countries as Ivory Coast, Bahrain, Antigua and Barbuda, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Australia… Thus, we master world geography while working on translation projects. Everything at once :)

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