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Strange Times: April 2020


There are too many different opinions on the current situation in the world, but we just have to admit one thing: we are living through peculiar times. This has lasted long enough for people to get used to the new daily routine. Since it takes 21 days to form a habit, now it's the best time to analyze changes in our lives and accept this new reality of 2020.

A working day at Lingvista starts at 9 AM, as usual. Sitting in front of our PCs and laptops, our team members greet each other in a group chat, conduct online video meetings, discuss current projects and solve the tasks of any kind together. There are no requests for interpretation worldwide at the moment (and you know why), but our partners don't give up and keep their heads up anyway. Good for us!

The beginning of April has been the toughest period so far. Eventually, our Russian clients made up their minds and realized: the world is not the same anymore, and everybody has to adjust to this new reality. It took them a couple of silent weeks. Now, as April is almost over, we can state that they managed to overcome the difficulties and even save some translation orders for us. Life goes on anyway, and so does international cooperation. Today, Lingvista gets on with the following tasks:

  • legal, financial, technical and personal documents translation
  • translation and DTP of technical drawings
  • localization of a corporate app about labor safety
  • proofreading of scientific researches for them to be published abroad
  • media subtitling and other audiovisual tasks.

What about 100+ hours of audio awaiting subtitling? A project on AI technologies improving? Translation for lipsync? This type of service is truly specific, because it's not just translating from one language to another. There are multiple technical details, such as timing and synchronization of actors' lip movements and words spoken. Sounds thrilling, right?

Aside from that, we translate hot topic texts. Jon Bon Jovi, rock legend and our long-term 'client' (thanks to Bon Jovi Russian fan community) tells in his interview about the quarantine life and activities; and organizers of big sports events held in Russia announce new dates for the postponed runs and marathons –  just as usual, we translate their updates for foreign athletes. Approximately, the events will take place in mid-summer and autumn.

Let's hope that these plans will be fulfilled, and we won't have to postpone anything else in the nearest future. As for now, we should just live in this new reality and look at its bright sides! For example, we don't have to spend much time to get to the office in the morning. Every bit counts :)

Customer Reviews

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    Our colleagues within a single day offered us two demo records of the professional Turkish speakers. The final audio file was delivered exactly at the specified time. Lingvista also provided us translator’s assistance for video-editing process.

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