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August heat: never too much interpretation

august heat

August is rightfully known as a ‘vacation’ month. However, we don’t idle our time away: before the month reached its peak, we’ve accomplished two remarkable interpretation projects in Tomsk. And there’s more to come.

Good news: our city is actively developing, increasingly becoming a place for international meetings. Foreign experts arrive to Tomsk to perform staff trainings which have a positive effect on local industry. At the beginning of August, electrical engineering was in the focus. A team of professionals from India came to our city and shared their experience with Russian colleagues. The training lasted for 10 days and was assisted by EN<>RU interpreters provided by Lingvista.

Furthermore, we handled another project at the same time. This one included interpreting for European experts who came to Tomsk in order to check waste treatment facilities. Due to the project significance, the customer took the time to personally check the qualifications of our interpreters and approve each of them for the project.

The second part of the month is going to be quite active as well. In Tomsk and other cities…

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