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Interpreting in Blagoveshchensk


Business trips and international cooperation can lead to any corner of the world. Could members of delegation from South Sudan have ever imagined themselves working in the Russian city of Blagoveshchensk (Far East region) assisted by an interpreter from the Siberian city of Tomsk? However, that’s how one of our May projects came to life.

In the middle of May, a team of experts from South Sudan arrived to Tomsk to participate in meetings and negotiations dedicated to planning and building of a raw hydrocarbon refinery. Technical specialists, public officials and governmental authorities' representatives from Africa were highly interested in patented technologies applied at a plant based in Tomsk. Then some experts, accompanied by Lingvista’s interpreter and the plant manager headed to the Far East to visit a refinery at work which had been planned and constructed by the company from Tomsk.

Experts from South Sudan checked the way the plant's equipment was practically used, asked some crucial technical questions and got full information needed for further cooperation with Russian partners.

Lingvista selected an experienced local interpreter who became a communication link between Russian and African experts. Our client's request was quite urgent, so we had to be really fast in finding the right linguist ready to go to a business trip the day after. Basically, that's how useful experience is usually gained: by accepting challenges and being ready to tackle urgent tasks of any kind.

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