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The fifth business lunch for exporters: cutting costs


Doing business is not limited to meetings, negotiations, trips, sales and delivery. Some things stay behind the scene, such as paperwork, contracts, agreements, invoices, accounting, etc. Our latest business lunch for exporters was dedicated to this significant invisible side of any business.

The fifth meeting of Tomsk exporters took place on the 25th of May in Stroganina-bartraditionally. Export areas and various business cases were discussed at the previous meetings; this time we focused on paperwork related to business deals and contracts with foreign partners, financial accounting and minimization of inevitable costs. Two experts with relevant experience were invited to speak: Sergey Rybalov, Director of VED Lider LLC and Yulia Goncharova, Chief Accountant at LesPromIndustria LLC.

Various subjects were lively discussed, such as logistics, customs, export paperwork, document flow, VAT refund, transaction reports, shipping documentation, audits etc. The topic was really broad and equally useful for all the participants, no matter where their business partners live. Working with China, Germany, USA, Australia or any other country, a company’s head and chief accountant face complicated formal and financial aspects. That’s why other exporters’ experience and practical advice are the best way to get prepared for the above challenges.  

Next time, exporters from Tomsk will meet in autumn. The fifth business lunch became the last one before the summer break. The time has come to think of new topics and bring fresh vision to further meetings. Join our exporters’ club next season!