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Representing Europe in German


How do we usually get on a trip? Watch colorful photos from across the world, complete a travel plan and read inspiring articles describing bright landmarks and attractions from a must-see list. That’s what we dealt with while working on a new project and translating a plenty of various tourist texts from Russian into German. By the way, the project team included a German native speaker as an editor, so that the texts would become “kindred” for German speaking readers and travelers.

Lingvista translators work on projects of all kinds: from specific technical manuals to marketing promotion materials that need to be fascinating, inspiring and accessible for every reader. Sometimes it’s harder to make up a neat catchy sentence in a native language than translate a complicated technical manual step-by-step. This kind of translation is much more creative than any other :) However, we won’t deny that working on such interesting projects is a pure delight for us. Especially when the summer vacations are coming!

Articles we translate for the project are published on the website of a German tour operator. That’s why we had to make them persuasive and also filled with key words provided by the client. It’s necessary for tour descriptions to show up among top search results and bring new potential clients to the company’s website. Lively articles about the main European attractions were edited by a native German speaker to become a real inspiration for travelers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Proven by ourselves: reading a hundred of such descriptions makes wanderlust a hundred times stronger!

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