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Discussing technicals in French


Lingvista knows for sure who didn’t get bored during the last sunny July days in Tomsk. These are French-Russian interpreters who took part in one of our recurring projects. Foreign experts came to Tomsk just like they did last summer, in order to check water treatment facilities of our city. We’re always delighted to work with our return clients, undertaking even more complicated and interesting tasks!

This time, Lingvista provided four interpreters to support a group of foreign experts in Tomsk: three French-Russian interpreters and one English-Russian specialist. The purpose of this audit was the same as last year: visiting water treatment facilities, checking equipment condition and health, reporting on the tasks solved during the business trip. Interpreters were carefully selected by the Lingvista team, since it was a significant condition of the project. The candidates were expected to have enough experience in dealing with technical vocabulary and were confirmed by the client based on their background. Abundant reference materials were also provided beforehand, so our interpreters studied them thoroughly to meet the foreign visitors with bells on.

Are you coming to Russia for a business trip? Don’t hesitate to contact us – interpretation during meetings in the office or on site is one of Lingvista’s key specializations. Working in 40+ cities of Russia and CIS countries, we will be happy to use this experience for the sake of your business.