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Summer inspires us to dream about a relaxing holiday season, but its beginning means the most busy time for students. June is a month of state exams and thesis defense preparations at universities all over Russia. We managed to find out how future interpreters and translators from the Tomsk State University face the final challenges. Are graduates prepared for real work in their professional field?

Obtaining a degree demands much effort in academic and research work. When it comes to getting a degree in linguistics, students gain professional knowledge and skills both in theoretical and practical ways. The efficiency of their work is to be seen at the final state exams.

Some years in a row, Lingvista Translation Agency’s CEO is invited to join the examination board as a potential employer for graduates of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Tomsk State University (TSU). This time, our CEO Maria Solonina visited state finals in English, proving oral practice skills of students studying for bachelor’s, specialist’s and master’s degree in linguistics. Invited board members have a fresh eye on the graduates’ professional level, so the students obtain an unbiased rate for their skills in communication in English and also English<>Russian interpretation.  

The final examination means the end of studying at a university, but it’s never too late to study :) Graduates often lack on practical experience; they usually gain it together with their first real job. Many students need to brush up on their skills to become successful interpreters in the nearest future: improve understanding while listening to the spoken language, learn to memorize more, interpret main ideas of speech instead of separate words. Thus, graduates should definitely broaden their experience after leaving alma mater. Chatting with native speakers, reading in a foreign language and watching undubbed movies seem to be a useful and attractive way to spend the summer for our future colleagues ;)

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