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Happily ever after: Long-term cooperation brings surprises


Do you value contacts with your long-term clients? Judging from our experience, long-time cooperation may turn out surprising and rise to a new level. This autumn, one of Lingvista´s customers proved that such course of events is truly possible when it comes to business. It´s important not to lose the right moment to bring cooperation to a new stage.

Having worked with various clients for several years, we are sure that all the partners have equal importance; there are no “significant” and “insignificant” ones among them. Every contact matters in business, because you never know what results it may bring in the future.

Back in 2012, Lingvista started working with one of the largest Russian oil and gas companies, but no big projects were planned at that time. We had been translating a couple of little documents per month during six years, working patiently through the red tape, which is a common situation when dealing with such a large company. Although, eventually it was all worth it, since everything changed in autumn 2018. The company significantly expanded cooperation with foreign partners, the workflow in English increased dramatically, and in-house translators of the customer were unable to handle such volumes on their side. The client didn’t have to search long for a linguistic services supplier; they just needed to remember the good old reliable partner who dealt with small translations successfully, and send bigger projects our way. As a result, we had to refresh our pool of linguists experienced in the field of oil and gas in order to tackle new volumes. Thus, we have advanced from translating invoices to working on complicated specific documents, including presentations meant for the foreign audience. We translate mostly from Russian into English, making up terminology glossaries and using translation memory tools to ensure consistency.

Another peculiarity of the project is urgency. Our linguists should be ready to respond to translation requests promptly, despite the time zone they’re currently in. This, of course, refers to those freelance translators who confirmed their readiness to work with us in the harsh Siberian GMT+7.

We sometimes involve English native speakers in our projects to proofread translations, so feel free to send over your CV if you’ve got experience in Russian>English oil and gas translations. We are always glad to get new linguists onboard and start efficient cooperation.

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