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Holiday cheerfulness


December is a very special month for everyone worldwide. We’re looking forward to the most miraculous night of the year, its magic and delight. Just the proper time to spend a weekend with our team and get into the right mood for the New Year celebration!

This time Lingvista decided to get away from the city and go on an expedition. The centre for young entrepreneurs called Ruyan-gorod became our destination. It is also well-known as a remarkable ecotourism place in Tomsk region. Though it was snowing and the wind was blowing gustily, we enjoyed our stay, admired the scenery, played games and drank a lot of hot tea in the beautiful surroundings.

We’re sure our new week will be successful thanks to all the vivid impressions and optimism we brought with us!

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    We would like to thank Lingvista team for their promptness and patience while solving various tasks. They have always been ready to work and expressed competence while doing it. 


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