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Adventures of Italians in Russia (and beyond): interpreting for our Italian partners


We have clients all over the world, and the map in our office is abundantly decorated with colorful pins. But we’d like to emphasize Italy, since cooperation with various Italian companies is of special interest and pleasure for us. At the moment, we are providing comprehensive linguistic support for our new customer from Italy. Just can’t get enough!

Even though international business relations are quite changeable nowadays, Italy and Russia keep being reliable partners for each other. Gathering “best and brightest” interpreters in more than 35 cities throughout Russia, Lingvista assists Italian companies in finding a common language with local Russian partners.

Our clients offer heating and plumbing equipment, compression packing and sealing solutions for all types of industries. Naturally, business trips are aimed at presenting a product at its best and negotiating favorable delivery conditions. So we select interpreters proficient in technical and commercial fields.

One of the business trips of this kind is in progress right now, and we’ve got such cities as Saint Petersburg, Tula, Moscow, Voronezh and even Yerevan (Armenia) on the list! That’s how we get new pins on our map, as well as reliable partners in new locations thanks to the inspiring international cooperation with foreign clients.

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