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Interpreting Japanese and English in Siberia


June had a dynamic start for us: there was an urgent request for an English<>Russian interpreter in Kemerovo region, a need for a Japanese-speaking linguist in Krasnoyarsk and a sightseeing tour for American tourists in Tomsk. Seems like foreign visitors prefer to come to Siberia in the warm season, both for work and rest.

We deal with the mining industry quite often, since Tomsk is located close to the Kemerovo region and its numerous coal-mining fields. Lingvista's coal projects include both translation and interpretation. This time, we received a request for an English<>Russian interpreter in Kemerovo region from a company based in Moscow. Its British representative planned a business trip to the city of Novokuznetsk and a small mining town nearby. The expert met our interpreter Mikhail at the airport and they headed to the production facility together, to check and accept mining equipment. Our interpreter is experienced in the subject of coal crushers, so the colleagues from Russia and England broke through the language barrier successfully with Mikhail’s assistance. 

Another remarkable request came from the city of Vladivostok, the Far East region. A Japanese company with a representative office in Russia searched for a Japanese<>Russian interpreter in Krasnoyarsk, to accompany an expert from Japan coming for a business trip. Our interpreter Alexander took care of the Japanese visitor, helped him to find required places in Krasnoyarsk and complete his business mission - visiting several large trade centers.  

In Tomsk, our hometown, travelers from the sunny California were met by our tour guide Olga, who conducted an excursion in English, the guests' native language. The walk in good summer weather turned out really enjoyable!  

So, the foreign visitors spent time in Siberia efficiently. As for us, we broadened our work experience again. No matter what language you speak and which Russian city you're going to visit: reliable interpreters can be found anywhere, if you know how to search for them. Lingvista knows exactly how ;)


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