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Consular Legalization


We’ve got the news: from now on, we can help to legalize your personal documents issued in Russia! Lingvista Translation Agency manages the whole process: translation, notarization, legalization at the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a visit to a required Embassy, payment of a consular fee and courier door-to-door delivery.

Our era of globalization is an era of contrasts. We are free to choose a place to live, learn, work and have a rest, but each of these stages is always accompanied by a long list of official papers. To have a document issued in country A acknowledged in country B, you ought to have it legalized first.

For contracting states of the Apostille Convention, an apostille is enough to legalize a document, and it is quite easy to obtain. However, for other countries, consular legalization is required, and it is a complex multistage process. You have to book an appointment beforehand, wait in a queue to submit your notarized translation to both Ministries, then to the Embassy… or just contact us!

We will advise you on details, analyze the cost of legalization for any particular country and estimate the turnaround time. The starting price of the service is available here. Please feel free to ask for accurate calculations via email or by using the feedback form. We will make complicated official procedures clear for you.