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A Cooking New Year


Tempting and delicious dishes are a traditional must-have on a festive New Year and Christmas table. This December, we decided to learn some cooking tricks and spent our company party at a culinary studio called “Good Food”. Now we’re looking forward to the magical New Year’s Eve, which will reveal our freshly obtained culinary abilities to all the relatives, friends and guests.

Our city is full of interesting places offering fascinating ways to spend time usefully. We’ve chosen one of them for our New Year celebration, the culinary studio called “Good Food”. Their motto is “eat and meet”, and that’s exactly what we did at our party. Together with the staff of our friendly IT company, we cooked several dishes under the guidance of a skilled chef: a warm potato salad with bacon, turkey coated with mustard and honey and a cheesecake for dessert. Goes without saying that we had to eat it all immediately, right after the cooking was done.

Waiting for the main season’s holidays is always exciting, especially if you share this marvelous time with cheerful and enthusiastic people, enjoying flavorous cinnamon and a dash of mulled wine meanwhile :)

Happy Holidays!

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