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Russian-German interpretation in the oilfield


Being an interpreter is a really fascinating challenge. This is a professional needed in every international event, such as scientific conferences, business meetings, or welcome receptions of foreign delegations. On the other hand, a fearless interpreter can launch out into the middle of the wild Siberian taiga to assist foreign experts in their communication with Russian partners in the oilfield.

Our clients’ most popular phrase sounds like this: “We need the translation/interpreter yesterday!”. One of the Tomsk-based oil companies contacted Lingvista with an urgent request: they required an interpreter ready to go to an oilfield in the very north of Tomsk region. The mission was to spend several days there, helping out in communication between Russian and German experts. Who would be a good fit for this project? An interpreter with excellent knowledge of relevant terminology both in Russian and German, adventurous enough to be a part of this deal. Moreover, the decision was to be made within just a few hours. Eventually, we found the perfect match – a brave interpreter who went to the oilfield the day after. After coming back to Tomsk, he shared with us not only impressions gained during the project, but also some pictures taken on site.

Ideally, all the organizational details of such trips should be fixed beforehand. But if you are already on the way from Germany to Russia and have no idea of how to communicate with local partners, you can rely on us. Lingvista will provide comprehensive linguistic support even when the deadlines are tight, so the language barrier won’t harm your international cooperation in any way.

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