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Happy Birthday and fair winds!


How to avoid boring and predictable birthday celebrations and gain bright impressions? Challenge accepted. We left well-trodden paths to cafes and restaurants and sailed to range the seas on board a pirate schooner of the 18th century.

We celebrate Lingvista’s birthday every year and do our best to arrange it in a creative way. This time we paid our attention to one of the “escape room” adventure games which are quite popular nowadays. Just go and try it :) This adventure let us pretend ourselves daring pirates and their resilient hostages and also practice our teamwork skills. We had to work hand in glove with each other to escape the pirate ship. We nailed it! Like we usually do, dealing with tasks of any kind.

We’re keeping it up and… following seas!

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    Working with such professionals as Lingvista's team is a valuable experience and a sheer pleasure.


    Read more Director of MedLine LLC Svetlana Y. Muzhetskaya