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Beauty created by ourselves


In early March, there is a holiday which lets us feel the timid spring warmth and wake up from winter hibernation, even though the weather doesn’t spoil us much. Annually, Lingvista team finds new ways to celebrate March 8th, International Women’s Day. This time, we decided to try hand in oil painting, bringing bright colors to canvas and to our daily life as well!

A professional translator is always a specialist who should know much from various specific fields: from legal to marketing and medicine. Aside from that, linguists are usually creative people with appreciation of fine arts. We’re more into humanities, to be precise :) So why not depart from literature for one evening and pay attention to another art form – oil painting?

Everybody is able to take a role of an artist for a short time due to popular art master classes. All you need to do is coming to a workshop, taking a brush and listening to your mentor’s recommendations! We are pleased to admit that studying English, German, French, Chinese etc. trained us for learning new, so mastering the language of oil colors wasn’t a struggle for us. We enjoyed it much and ended up creating several vivid cosmic landscapes and a couple of bright floral still-life paintings. One more thing was fascinating about the workshop session: even though we had the same sample pictures, the paintings turned out different, reflecting everybody’s personality traits. Arts always reveal our inner world, don’t they?

There are no similar flowers on a rosebush; the same works for any company too. Two similar colleagues cannot be found in a team, and that’s what makes us stronger. We are able to achieve much if we unite all the talents and peculiarities of ours! So let´s create beauty around and bring some good vibes, waiting for spring and new great projects to come :)