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Promotion opportunities in small business


Once we had a case when a girl came to Lingvista for a probation period and left the day after. When we asked her about the reason, she told she had been offered “a dream job”. It was a position in a big company. From then on, our interview with potential employees includes questions about their dream job. We tell about different people and different jobs they’re meant for. It’s really important for a person to understand that there are no “good” or “bad” work conditions; there are just various company types. One should see it clearly: where are my own skills to be applied?

We have been working for a long time and have come through various situations. Now we’d like to share one of the cases we’re modestly proud of.

The members of Lingvista team grow in their professional field both horizontally and vertically, in a natural way. The horizontal growth is motivated by a daily need of solving new tasks and improving basic skills. Those employees who understand the purpose of their activity, head confidently towards their own “advanced” selves. They become stronger in the professional field, enlarging their footprints in the company. That’s when the vertical growth comes on stage, when a confident manager starts to keep an eye on younger colleagues, being always here to guide and give advice. The person bares more responsibility and grows out of “clothes” and the previous function. There are two ways for further development in this case: the team member has a wish to try on another brand’s “clothes” and leaves, or is ready to try on ours, of another size and model.

Lingvista stays tuned and always offers new various “clothes” to its employees, since we’re interested in keeping them comfortable and capable of trying hand in different activities. This is a small business’ big advantage: it’s always possible to try, feel and choose something just for you. We’ve developed and implemented a guidance system for this purpose.

Of course, sometimes employees do leave the company. This doesn’t happen very often, mostly because of relocation. Young and talented specialists leave Tomsk quite often nowadays, this is sad but true.

But let’s switch to good news. Our company is proud to tell about a girl called Julia, who has “grown” to the position of Deputy General Director for Human Resources. Starting from being one of translation managers, she quickly found her place in the company working with freelancers, then selecting and testing both freelance and in-house employees. And now she’s fully responsible for dealing with all the human resources.

Julia, congratulations! This is a steady growth, borne out by the results of your work. We highly appreciate your remarkable input to the development of Lingvista, and we are ready to offer new opportunities for our common further progress.

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