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Our creative friends from Province Design Studio


Let’s think of some worldwide known brands. What comes into your mind first? Four ceiling rings as a car’s symbol, a yellow “M” against a red background, an apple with a bite taken out of it… and many other images that are kept in people’s mind. Creating design for brands of every kind is exactly what our partners and friends from Province Design Studio do. We are pleased to tell about our fascinating cooperation with these talented guys :)

Working with Province Design Studio for several years, we are lucky to witness the creation of unique design ideas for logos, corporate looks, websites, mottos, menu cards, business cards, POS materials and many other significant details that make up the image of a company. Their office is based in Tomsk, but Province team accomplishes design projects all around Russia, from Sochi to Vladivostok (just like we do). Their works can be found even in Eastern Europe (in particular, they created a logo and corporate identity for a financial boutique in Tallinn). Their portfolio is often updated with new projects, and Lingvista translates their description into English, in order to introduce Province’s marvelous projects to the world.

For example, among all the other projects, we translated a story behind creation of the corporate identity for Artel Troika — “a Tour Operator which provides foreigners with an opportunity to see the genuine Russia”. We do hope that foreign tourists will like not only the eye-catching logo, but also our translation available to check out on

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