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Subtitles translation is not for the squeamish!


Do you like the thrill of watching a horror movie or a mystical TV series? How do you feel about oppressiveness and tension that grow by the second? And now imagine: what if it was your job? Last week, our translators had to take courage to face some incogitable monsters in order to complete subtitles translation. This time, it was a new season of a famous American fantasy series, and soon all the monsters and creatures from the screen will speak Russian to the Russian audience. It’ll be AWFULLY interesting, we promise!

There is much off-screen work hidden between filming and airing a TV series, especially if it is supposed to be broadcast overseas. Before the first episode is aired, the whole team of professionals has a hand in it, including a film director, actors, cameramen, scriptwriters, make-up artists, voice-over artists… and subtitle translators, of course!

We love translating subtitles, since conveying peculiarities of a spoken language with all its interjections, puns and wordplays is something rarely offered by an ordinary translation project. That’s what we call freedom to act! Besides, such projects always have some technical requirements to fulfill, such as number of characters per line and per second. Thus, we’re lucky to work in a project that needs to be approached both with creativity and attention to technical details.

New creative specialists are always welcome to join the Lingvista’s team. We’re looking for cooperation with English-Russian translators who have experience in subtitles translation, are able to use Aegisub and, ideally, aren’t afraid of fictional monsters :)

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