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Guided tours in foreign languages


Siberia doesn't seem to be one of the most popular travel destinations for European tourists. What's the reason? Remote, cold and way too exotic. But the real number of foreign travelers visiting our city might be truly surprising. For example, last week Tomsk was visited by a French-speaking tourist group of 40+ members, mostly from France. That's not a very rare occasion, especially in the warm Siberian midsummer.

We are delighted to notice a nice trait of this summer: starting from June, there was not a single week when we weren't asked about our guide interpreter services in Tomsk. Lingvista works both with direct clients and various Russian travel agencies that bring their customers to Tomsk, so we're always willing to take part in such projects. Showing foreign travelers around our beautiful blossoming city is a priceless experience. 

Lingvista offers guided tours in English, German, French, Italian, Chinese these are not all the languages from the list, but the ones we have been requested lately. The most remarkable June excursion was a sightseeing tour for a big group of French-speaking travelers from France and Switzerland. The tourists took part in the annual Paris Beijing car rally. Tomsk is located aside of the main route, but European adventurers usually make a detour to visit our beautiful old city. The rally organizers request Lingvista's services annually, so we can provide tourist groups both with an experienced guide speaking the needed language and a comfortable safe bus equipped with everything necessary for a sightseeing city tour. 

Sometimes foreign visitors mix business with pleasure: when formal meetings are over, it's great to spend free time exploring the Siberian Athens (which is a non-formal name of our city). By the way, Lingvista provides guided tours in foreign languages not only in Tomsk. We're ready to find a guide for you in every Russian city you're interested in.

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