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Translating subtitles for TV series


Watching foreign movies and series, we often wonder about the way they have been subtitled and dubbed. How is it practically done? Who is the author of all the witty phrases? Who makes jokes funny and adapts all the puns to other languages? And how interesting is it, working on lively communication, conveying it into your own language in all its easiness and fluency? We’d like to reveal these “behind the scenes” secrets proving that this true magic is created by ordinary translators. Well, maybe by more artistic ones :)

Lingvista has considerable experience of working on audiovisual projects: documentaries, various videos, radio shows and mobile apps. We have accomplished translations into Russian and also into other languages, involving native speakers. Our new project is now added to the portfolio: we provided subtitles translation and proofreading for three seasons of an American drama series. This time we dealt with our native Russian language. We have put together a team (new talented translators are still most welcome to join, since now we’re working on our next TV series with more seasons) and mastered a new software for creating and editing subtitles.

The plot is based on an eventful routine of emergency doctors, so we plunged into sophisticated medical terminology and American daily life. Besides, we had to customize interjections, jokes and quips, going beyond the limits of a “simple translation” task. But that’s not just a field for personal fulfillment and imagination. Dealing with video also means a thorough approach and attention to detail, since it demands working with timecodes, observing character limit, etc.

A new exciting experience with not too simple, but instantly rewarding results, what else could one wish for? By the way, besides subtitles translation, we can also write down scripts for videos and unscramble audio files. Audiovisual translation is what we keenly do :)

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    We would like to thank Lingvista team for their promptness and patience while solving various tasks. They have always been ready to work and expressed competence while doing it. 


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