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Translation Day 2020


On September 30, translators and interpreters traditionally celebrate their professional holiday. This year has brought us a plenty of surprises that have influenced our business field significantly. It is well known that those who deal with foreign languages on a professional level are people of many talents, including energetic "speakers" and diligent "writers", nuclear physicists and marketing experts, simultaneous interpreters and artificial intelligence teachers. We learned to be even more flexible after these months: everything happens online now, so our profession has started to adjust as well.

Business trips have to be postponed so far, but it doesn't set an end to international communication. Virtual Zoom meetings, online conferences and Skype calls give us multiple technical options to talk to our partners face to face, even if we have to stay miles away from each other. However, the language gap still exists, and interpreters' assistance is still needed to bridge it, just like it was before. Last week, there was an online conference in journalism with three pairs of simultaneous interpreters from Lingvista ensuring understanding for the participants from all over Europe and Russia. Instead of dealing with a booth and a console, our specialists learn how to use video remote interpretation tools and tricks, such as specialized online platforms, switching channels, tuning headsets, etc. We will tell more about this amazing experience in our next article, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, those who specialize in written translation were barely touched by these changes. 2020 has just added a couple of new fields of expertise to their portfolio, such as health and safety. That's exactly what we wish on this Day, to all our colleagues in the world: take care, stay healthy and confident. May this unusual time bring you fascinating new experience and opportunities to grow.

Happy International Translation Day!

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