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Lifelong Learning for Translators


In the era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Translation, you need to constantly keep learning to stay up to date. No matter whether you’re a freelancer or an in-house translator, continuous professional development (CPD) is the top trend in the industry.

The Internet made it much easier to move with the times and go even further, aiming for tomorrow’s markets instead of living for the day. CPD engagement helps stretch your limits.

Times Change

The way we used to write and speak 50 years ago differs from today’s norms considerably: for example, gender-inclusive language is no wonder but a standard. An efficient translator can foresee expressions that will last from one-offs: This is the skill you gain with continuous professional development.

Formal and Informal Approach

Better-qualified translators also get better-paid jobs. Further linguistic qualifications, deeper subject knowledge, attending conferences and workshops – it is all about the formal CPD. Informal CPD takes your own effort, both in languages and in technology. You need to keep up with new software tools and linguistic features.

What Counts

  • reading (books and blogs are equally useful here)
  • using working languages actively (hearing them spoken, seeing them in action, practicing them)
  • listening to radio and online podcasts
  • watching TV programs, attending webinars
  • speaking to relatives, colleagues, and friends abroad
  • traveling (once it’s possible again after 2020).

NB: If you have chosen a special subject area for yourself, reading trade journals is essential to keep up with the latest developments in the industry!

The Best Option

Ideally, translators should make use of all available forms of CPD. Your own time and effort multiplied by networking with colleagues and field experts will get you a higher score.

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