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Unlimited Cybersecurity: No Language Barriers


Each Internet user receives endless pop-up notifications and alerts every day. They may obscure the website content or simply annoy you to the point you want to close them as soon as possible. However, if a pop-up contains info in an unfamiliar foreign language, it is easy to misclick and catch a virus. Thus, linguists work hard to save our computers from malicious software.

Translators have successfully carved their niche in the field of cybersecurity. Antivirus software cannot guarantee the security of a device if their user interface is not translated properly. Not everyone is fluent in English. All the interfaces are different, so it’s not always easy to intuitively understand each button assignment. It is vital for users to understand the content of a warning box and the importance of each click in order to quickly respond to a virus alert.

Today it is easy to translate anything thanks to machine translation engines. Still, it isn’t safe to rely on them completely. Machine translation is neither perfect nor always accurate, thus, it can lead to misunderstandings and mistakes. Besides, some attackers can take advantage of machine translation inaccuracies to lure you.

In addition to user interface localization, translators unite cybersecurity professionals from around the world. Computer specialists are not almighty and also face the language barrier. If they don’t speak any foreign language, it’s the accurate and forthcoming translation that allows for their quick reaction to any cyber threat.

Translators contribute an important part to the global cybersecurity industry. The number of successful cyberattacks can be significantly reduced due to high-quality translation, so we recommend that you carefully select service providers in this field.

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