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Negotiations with a Japanese company


Russia and Japan are hundreds of kilometers apart, but for a truly motivated person, there are no obstacles.

One lovely summer day we received an unusual request – we had to call a company based in Japan and talk with them on behalf of our client about collaborating. Interestingly, the employee who picked up the phone didn’t speak a word of English, so we decided to ask one of our Japanese language specialists to come to our office to conduct the negotiations.

The purposes of the call were to establish contact with the company’s representative, find out whether any of its employees speak English, and to exchange contact information so that we could get in touch with them in the future. The situation took a sudden turn when after talking to them for a bit, they suggested that we talk to an English-speaking specialist right away. Then one of our managers had to take up the baton, or rather a headset.

So, by combining efforts, we reached our goal. Everyone who participated came away feeling good, and our client was very grateful that he was able to fix his business.

By bridging the distance between places, we bring countries, cultures and people closer together by using effective communication and unconventional solutions.

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