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Worldwide Dance Flashmob in Tomsk!


On November, 18, the world was celebrating the Kindness Day. The non-profit organization Life Vest Inside (USA) developed the idea of Worldwide Dance Flashmob aimed at sharing love and kindness with the whole planet. Lingvista took an active part in organization of this event in Tomsk.

Sometimes in daily rush we pay no attention to simple things, and there is no time to make an act of kindness: to help an old lady to cross the road, show a guest of the city the right location on the map, or simply give a smile to a stranger.

Life Vest Inside (USA) is a non-profit organization that strives for development of self-esteem and tolerance. They believe we can change the world by recognizing the opportunities around us and by changing ourselves.

This time Life Vest Inside decided to unite the world using the motto “One day, one dance, one heart”. Dance for Kindness took place on one day, in different parts of the globe. About 20 countries participated in the Worldwide Flashmob, including Australia, Great Britain, Switzerland, Brazil, Singapore and Kenya.

Tomsk was the single Russian city that joined the Worldwide Flashmob! “Siberian Athens”, a home for thousands talented people with active life stance and sense of social responsibility, could not stand apart from this event, and Lingvista became the organizer and coordinator of this event in Tomsk. The Flashmob took place on November, 18, at the city center – the Novo-sobornaya Square, where almost 100 people were sharing their Siberian love with the whole world.

The event started with Freezemob, when everyone got frozen in kind positions, followed by 4-minute dance. At the end the passersby were given small presents and AOC (act of kindness) cards.

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